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Hello, we are POCHI!

POCHI is an authentic Japanese street food market stall based in South London. We love cooking and eating food especially something we have never tasted before, and we wanted to do this as our business as well. We love Japanese home-cooked style food, especially Bento style ones. Bento is a part of Japanese culture and these meals are tasty when served either hot or cold. We want to spread this Bento experience to the world via Street Food Markets!

Signature Dishes & Food Style

Our food is less-known than some other types of Japanese cuisine, but is truly homely and heart warming, with a real authentic Japanese taste. Signature dishes are Soboro style rice bowls. Soboro means “minced / loosen and season”. We also have various different toppings. All dishes are served on bed of Rice, Japanese Takuwan & Sakurazuke pickled mooli, and Takana pickled mustard leaves.

Our Food Suppliers

We care about the quality of ingredients and support local business.

Our meat supplier is Bell & Sons (Bermondsey)

Vegetable supplier is Ted's Veg (Borough Market)

What does POCHI means?

Our stall name 舗家 (POCHI), 舗 means "Shop / Stall" and 家 means "Home" as I cook home food at the stall. Pochi is also popular name for a dog in Japan. That's why we use dog as our character on our logo.

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